2020 International Convention (Ireland I)

June 21-26, 2020

Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

Click Here for Convention & Tour Information from Ireland I

If you are interested in the pre-convention motorcycle or coach tour or the post convention coach tour BOOK NOW!  Space is limited or gone for the motorcycle tour and the coach tours are filling. YES, you can book these now even though Americans cannot register for the convention or book a hotel until August.



(Some additional information received by various members of WI VI  the week of 6-23-2019)


ALL reservations for all of the tours, registration for the convention and reservations for the hotels are being handled through Celtic Horizon Tours.  Click here to see the Blue Knights packages on their website. The Celtic Horizon website collects the full cost of the package you are purchasing but you can make a deposit for the tours by calling them at +353-1-629-2000. (Full payment will be required 8 weeks prior to the start of the tour.)

Time: Ireland is 6 hours ahead of the USA so you'll want to call them early in the morning.


Credit Card Fees:  Many credit cards assess an International Transaction Fee for using the card outside of the USA and/or North America.  These fees can be steep so you'll want to check before you use a card.


Telephone Charges:  There are inexpensive ways to call Ireland.  Verizon wireless charges $1.99/minute to call Ireland (Unless you pay for an International Calling Plan) but Google Voice only charges $0.02/minute and you can probably do it from your smartphone or computer.  You can also use Skype or a number of other VoIP services to save on cost.  


You'll probably want to bring some Euros along but the ATMs will take Visa & Mastercard.  Amex is NOT widely accepted.  


There will be some 1/2 day and full day coach tours during the convention.  Itineraries and costs for those tours have not been finalized as of 6-25-2019 but they will not be included with your registration.


The host hotel is the Gleneagle, the Brehon is overflow.  It appears that the banquet will be at the INEC Center which is walking distance between the two hotels.


If you learn of other 2020 BK International Convention information that may be useful to others please forward it to the webmaster so it can be added to this page.