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Harley Davidson Powertrain Factory Tours-

See the birthplace of a legend! 

Rustic Roads

Did you know that Wisconsin offers over 115 rustic motorcycle roads that traverse some of the most beautiful scenery this country has to offer? There are 15 routes within comfortable riding distance from the convention. Grab your fellow Blue Knights and head out to explore what the state has to offer! Click on the link above to be taken directly to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Rustic Roads website.


Holy Hill

Take a beautiful ride up the lake front before heading west and visiting one of southeastern Wisconsin's most picturesque locations! Click on the title for a Google map. 


Custard Run

Who doesn't like fresh, creamy frozen custard on a hot summer day? Take a short trip through the steamy urban jungle on your trusty iron horse and stop off to cool down at one of Milwaukee's world famous frozen custard stands!! Eat it fast, or it'll drip on the paint!