Ladies Only Events:


It was brought to our attention that while our convention is designed for all of our members and their families to enjoy, some things are just geared more towards the male members of our club. So, Wisconsin's VI's own Secretary, Sandy Santoro, has arranged a special event for the ladies (only) who are attending the convention! Don't worry guys, we haven't forgotten about you completely!! Check out the Events Section for a scheduled demonstration on Wednesday!!


The ladies at BLUSH POLE FITNESS & DANCE help students learn to love the body they live in and to lead a stronger, healthier and sexier life, and they have agreed to bring those classes to the 2017 Blue Knights International Convention!


Our chair dance classes are designed for students of all ages and sizes, but will be strictly limited to the ladies in the group. Come join us to have some fun! We will be offering these unique classes on Monday and Tuesday at 9:00AM, at no cost!! The class is a fun way to let your hair down, feel a little sexy and get in a new kind of workout. Join us to learn a dance using a chair as a prop. Bring a pair of high heels (or borrow a pair of ours) and your camera to capture the fun! Sorry guys, no spectators allowed! 


Pole Dance Classes will also be available (at a small cost) for those that are interested!  We will bring the poles and teach you how to dance and spin using a pole. All you need to bring is a willingness to try something new and fun. Come join us for some fun! This class is for all ages and fitness abilities.


As with many of our other events, space is limited!! We hope that a large number of our sisters and other female guests will take advantage of this one-of-a-kind convention event! If you're interested, please email Sandy and let her know so that we can assure we have a private space that is big enough to accomodate everyone! She can be reached at