Blue Knights WI VI Online Dues Payment 

Please read all of the instructions before proceeding - they are not repeated on subsequent pages.

1. Select the Dues Type you are paying from the drop-down below (one Dues Type per transaction)

2. Enter the member name(s) you are paying dues for below

3. Click the Buy Now button (you will be taken to a PayPal page)

4. Edit the quantity if you are paying dues for more than one person

5. Click continue

6. Click the blue Next button to pay with PayPal OR click the gray/white Pay with Debit or Credit Card Button below the Next button.

You do not need to have or use a PayPal account but must use a credit or debit card if you do not use a PayPal account.

Select Dues Type
Enter Member Name(s) Dues Paid
Member Names, Continued


Thank you for paying your dues online!