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Milwaukee County Sheriff's Academy Shoot, SWAT Display, and Law Enforcement Memorial.

Attention all Blue Knight shooters, we have scheduled a "fun" shoot at the Milwaukee County Sheriff's  Training Academy Range. This event is solely for active or retired LEOs only. For those of you who'd like to enjoy time on the range, several of our resident firearms instructors will offer a "fun shoot" to include some practice and a little friendly, low pressure competition. Interested shooters should bring their favorite concealed carry or home defense pistol, the appropriate holster, two magazines and a box with 50 rounds of your ammunition, FMJ practice ammo preferred. Sorry, no cross draw or shoulder rigs allowed. Revolver shooters are also welcome to practice.

All Blue Knights and guests are welcome to view the tactical equipment display and the Fallen Officer Memorial. Coffee and donuts will be provided by the Retired Deputy Sheriffs' Association.

The shoot portion will be limited to the first 25 who sign up. All are welcome to view the displays at the Academy between 9am -12pm.

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